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Capture Your Pet’s Personality

Enjoy a treasured keepsake of your beloved companion with a unique artwork that truly represents their personality.

The perfect keepsake.

You and your loved ones will cherish this personalised work of art.

Your animal companion is part of the family, and a hand-drawn pet portrait is a special way to celebrate their role in your life.

Keep your fur-friend close to your heart, or gift their likeness to someone who knows the true value of their precious dog, cat, horse or other animal.

Ideal for birthdays, memorials, and other important personal celebrations – and Craig will ensure you receive your portrait on time.

Happy Customers

Join the many people whose favourite wagging tails and smiling faces take pride of place on the wall.
“Mate, this is amazing. Thank you amigo. You put a big smile on our dials”

Danny Green – Boxer

“Wow, Amazing, I love it”

Samuel Johnson – Actor

“Oh wow!! Craig this is gorgeous. You have done a brilliant job in capturing my Angel”

Toni Tenaglia – Radio Personality

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The Artist Unleashed

One rainy afternoon, Craig Maher picked up a sketchbook and drew a portrait of the family dog. His wife leaned over his shoulder and remarked, “That’s actually pretty good!”

So, Craig created other portraits for friends and family… and suddenly his work was in demand.

Craig’s artworks are so much more than a portrait. His clients’ pets are loved and cherished for their companionship, therapy and affection – and Craig captures that perfectly in his custom artworks.

Craig lives in Melbourne with his wife Candace, rescue dogs Cyril the Greyhound and Trevor the German Shepherd X Kelpie, and rescue cat Keith-from-Accounts – who also oversees quality control from the back of Craig’s chair.

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How many pets would you like drawn on the picture?

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What Size?

A5 (148mm X 210mm), A4 (210mm X 297mm), A3 (297mm X 420mm), A2 (420mm X 594mm)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1
Choose the number of animals you’d like to feature in your artwork.
You can have up to 3 animals in the one portrait.

Step 2
Pick the size you’d like your furry friend to be drawn in: A5, A4, A3 or A2. For multiple animals on the one drawing, you will need to choose either A3 or A2.

Step 3
Upload a photo of your dog, cat, horse, or chosen animal. If you would like multiple animals on the one picture, upload each photo at the same time.

Step 4
Now, the magic begins and Craig will get to work on your custom pet portrait. Once your artwork is complete, Craig will send you a photo for your approval.
When he knows that you love it (and he’s sure you will!), your drawing will be safely packaged and mailed to you – right on time for that special celebration.

Standard turnaround from ordering to delivery can take up to 3 weeks. If you would
like it within 7 days, Craig will put you at the front of the line for an additional fee of

Prices vary depending on the size of your portrait and how many animals feature in
it. Prices start at $127 for an A5 single animal portrait.

Easy! Choose your first drawing size and upload your the photo of your pet and add
this to the cart. You can then choose to “Continue Shopping” where you can then

choose your next drawing size and upload your photo. Both will now be in your cart
and you can finalise your purchase!

For orders under $200, postage within Australia is $15 flat-rate.
All orders over $200 will receive free shipping.

Craig uses a combination of charcoal and pastel pencils on paper.

Craig can create a portrait of any furry, feathered or scaled creature. His most
popular requests include dogs, cats and horses – but he’ll draw your pet axolotl if
that’s your wish.

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